05 August 2013

People's obsession with discounted or free clothing

I am a huge fan of Alexander Wang but this video is just ridiculous Alexander Wang Cattle Heard.  (Yes, I re-named the link).

What the fuck is wrong with people?  This video is reminicint of Wall-Mart on Black Friday.  Sociopaths!  All of them are sociopaths.  What is up with people's misguided love affair for "fashion"? There is no fucking way I would ever push/shove/punch another human being for something as frivolous as free Alexander Wang clothes, unless, of course, this is the Hunger Games, and I have no choice.  What was A.Wang thinking?  Seriously, what was he thinking?  I hope this is his way of showing the world how fucking idiot human beings are.  If not then he is a total egoist and enjoys watching people fight to the death for his clothes-Spartan Style.

This video does list a Director. I wonder...how much was staged, how much was provoked.  Was all of this all real? If it is ALL reality, surly they wouldn't credit a director, right?  Oh Gosh, for my sanity, I hope this shit is fake.

These people deserve to be shipped off to Guantanamo via cargo, or in the wheel of the airplane.

25 March 2013

Jay Shells is at it again

Perhaps you remember a past post where I fell upon some of Jay Shells work on the subway.  He is at it again, but this time he has appropriately posted song lyrics to popular rap songs around Manhattan.  More specifically, on the exact streets the lyrics are referring to.  Preettaay, Preettaay Coool.

24 November 2011

Small Talk Sucks

There is nothing worse than boarding the subway and running into someone you know.  It's 8am, I am hungover, exhausted and feeling a bit agoraphobic in this subway car as I am being smooshed between sweaty, smelly commuters, who should have taken a shower.  Now, you suddenly appear, all happy and excited to see me.  Yes, it has been a while.  There is a reason for that.  And WTF?  This is not Small Town, USA. Why do you have so much energy?  Hello!  It's 8am! We are New Yorkers for fuck's sake.  We have earned our right to not be morning people.

Yes, It's hot outside.  Yes, Thursday's sometimes feel like Friday's.  Yes, you're hoping your trust fund will kick in someday.  I too am hoping that your fund kicks in pronto so you will stop having to ride the subway and I can go to school, pleasantly ignored.   

Tip:  There is a reason why my iPod is on the highest decibel possible AND why I stuffed Tolstoy's War and Peace into my bag.  Because, you are infinitely more boring than a1,273 page translation of a novel that is a panoramic study of early 19th-Century Russian Society.  Worse, you don't come with Cliff's Notes.

I HATE small talk.  With a name like 'small talk', which suggests insignificance,  you would think evolution would have nipped this in the bud long ago.  All unplanned meeting(s) require spontaneous small talk, which is almost always awkward, at best.  I guess, before the advent of readily available printed materials, portable music, mobile devices, iPads, Nooks, etc. small talk served a purpose.  Small talk was a way to catch up on gossip and confirm that its hotter than Hades in this subway car.  But, with text messaging, Facebook and every other virtual social medium, finding out the juicy 'gossip' is only a button or a click away.  So, in essence, the point of small talk is no longer there.

But, of course, not engaging in small talk would be a grand social faux pas.

Small Talk -1 point
Me- zilch

The other day, on my way home from school, I ran into an old friend.  This could have been a 'small talk' issue.  He proceeded to inform me the last time we had seen each other was at some bar in Alphabet City.  He had met some girl that night who defeated his interest in her when she disclosed she works at an S&M club.  Her specialty? Cock and Ball Torture.  It was great to see him.   

01 November 2011

"Talk To Me" @ MoMA

“Talk to Me: Design and the Communication Between People and Objects”

An exhibit where touching everything is encouraged?  Where do we sign up?

The entire exhibit is interactive in every way.  Make sure you have full battery on your smart phone and connect to MoMA's Wi-Fi for faster Internet speeds. Each piece has an accompanied bar scan for you to interact further with it. Additionally, every piece has a # for tweeting.  These tweets will be aggregated and included into the exhibition. 

This exhibit really changed the way I view everyday objects.  Many of the items were not re-designed by the artist themselves.  The artists brought in objects and broke down the intellectual nature of the object itself with regards to having the mass people understand its particular purpose and reasoning.  For example, an MTA Metro-card machine was placed within the exhibit.  Isolating this particular item, forces you to look at this item and investigate the purpose of why the machine was designed the way it is. The machine is efficient and no nonsense.  It has enamel coated steel which is scratch proof and makes it easier to remove graffiti.  The colors used are bright, primary colors. The colors chosen suggests the "colorful" transit experience one is about to endure on the NYC Subway.  I pride myself on being aware, but I have never taken the time of day to breakdown  the structure of the MTA Machine.  I have been known to kick it from time-to-time, and yell obscenities at it, like "Piece of shit."  I wont do this again. 

A few pieces that I thought were pretty rad: 

              · The all white Rubik’s Cube for the blind, embossed with Braille words-

                 Turned a once visual game into a tactile one.

             · “El Sajgadah”, an electroluminescent Muslim prayer rug with an internal 
              compass - Since Muslims must face Mecca when praying, the pattern on the rug 
              grows brighter as it turns in the right direction towards Mecca.

             · A picture of a building in Tokyo called “N Building Fa├žade” - The outside  

               of the building is in the shape of a huge scan. The inhabitants of the building are 
               able to access up-to-date information simply by taking a picture of the facade. In 
               addition, passerby's are able to snap pictures of the facade to access 
               current information regarding the building, like an apartment opening. Good-Bye 
               shady, over-priced real estate brokers. 


(My favorite piece of the exhibit)

HaHA!!!  Enjoy the Show, Enjoy the Ride.  Perfect for the Subway as a show it is :)

05 October 2011

NYC Artist takes Manners into his own hands

NYC Artist, Jay Shells decided to dictate the way people in NYC choose to conduct themselves with simple signs.  A great, creative, man with manners? Is he single?

Metropolitan Etiquette Authority:

Metropolitan Etiquette Authority
Metropolitan Etiquette Authority
Metropolitan Etiquette Authority
Metropolitan Etiquette Authority

Subway Etiquette: (400 signs were put in the NYC subways)

Nail Clipping

Anti-Dog Poop:

Dog Poop

03 September 2011

01 September 2011


Whoa! Watch out!  There a Tricycle Robber out there,freely roaming around the streets of Manhattan.

25 August 2011

I am Grateful for...

  • My Parents - They are my Mentors, inspiration and Best Friends
  • My Extended Family - They are the coolest, most fun, craziest, loving people in the entire world
  • My Friends - There is so much love, respect and admiration amongst us
  • My 5 senses - I can't even imagine what it would be like to be Helen Keller.
  • My Voice - The outlet to express myself and to bitch.  I'm a Latin Jewish New Yorker, Bitching is part of the culture and an earned Manhattan right! 
  • Free Online Pornography - Needs no explanation, obviously. 
  • Rain - The sounds, the drops, it's all mother nature and it's perfect
  • My Brain - The ability to think, store memories, create solutions and remember every single person who pissed me off and how. 
  • My Mistakes - I improve and become better for making them
  • Homosexual Men - The Best Accessory to a Jewish Girl, GOSH I LOVE the Gays
  • My Hands - So that I can type,  draw,  write,  flip the bird ... the Usual stuff
  • Shoes - No matter how much weight I gain or loose, my shoes still fit.  
  • Disappointment - Helps me asses the things that matter to me most
  • Matzoh Ball Soup - Jewish Penicillin
  • Fear - Helps to discover opportunities for growth
  • Ramen/Udon Noodles - The only thing I can eat a billion times a day and not grow tired of it
  • Sadness - Helps to appreciate the spectrum of human emotions
  • NYC Taxi Drivers - My Chauffeur(s), if you will...
  • Heartbreak - helps me mature as an individual 
  • Omar (my Deli guy) - He always knows what's up...
  • My College Professors in Richmond and Parsons - For being the coolest bunch of people around!!!!! 
  • My Phone - the device that allows me to look super busy when I don't want to be talked to, or when I am bored.
  • Strangers - Make for great conversation
  • Pain - Makes me become a stronger person
  • My Manager (s) from BI - showed me the techniques for being a good leader 
  • Bagels - sustenance 
  • Guinness - Where else would I get my calories?
  • My Frenemies - Helps me to uncover blind spots so that I can become a better person
  • My 1st Grade Teacher - She always knew I was a little nutty and the only teacher from my youth to not only appreciate it, but encouraged it
  • Happiness - To soak in the beauty of life
  • Every Single Day....

16 August 2011

Some People Should Not be Allowed to Procreate

Yes, there is a baby in that carriage.  I went into the surrounding shops looking for the parents with every intention of making some form of passive aggressive comment regarding having left their child outside.  However, no parent/guardian found.  There are so many people trying desperately to have a child and here one is, fully loaded with a stroller and everything, like a fucking couch or some shit left on the sidewalk for someone to pick up.

I can't believe this child's parents literally left their baby on the street like this!!!  These parents or the person in charge of this baby deserve a cargo class ticket to Guantanamo.